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The Artist, the Book and the Crowd

The Artist, the Book and the Crowd

Co-curated with Ang Siew Ching and Karen Yeh
2 – 11 August 2013
The Substation Gallery (Singapore)

Artists: Song-Ming Ang, Stephen Black, Sze-Yenn Cheong, Heman Chong, Debbie Ding, Ho Tzu Nyen, Ho Zhen Ming, Godwin Koay, Michael Lee, Lee Wen, Susie Lingham, Joyce Teo, Yu Mingyi and Zhao Renhui.

“To read a book, one must be still.” – Yann Martel

“The new common term of measurement… is rhythm, the vital element of each material unbound atom which causes the image to pass into the word, the word into the brush-stroke, the brush-stroke into the vibration of light or motion.” – Jacques Rancière

In an attempt to extricate the book from its prevailing condition of stillness and rethink it via notions of speed, motility and rhythm, The Artist, the Book and the Crowd is an exhibition that convenes artists, books and their publics by way of interventions performed upon, around and through the written and spoken word. Proceeding from the proposition that the book in our time of speed cannot remain still, it seeks to reopen the book as a mélange of lines, to accelerate its speeds and generate new rhythms. Central to the exhibition is a series of textual excerpts created by the participating artists, each of whom rewrites a text that has been formative to his or her practice. These texts will be further activated as sites of gathering through a lineup of performative events including artists’ readings, an artists’ book club, a curatorial tour and a workshop, all conducted within the gallery, which will be temporarily transformed into a library and community space for the exhibition’s run.

Against the sessility of the bounded hardcover, the book here is variously a fluttering, a beckoning, a projectile, a crumple, a cut, the operation undertaken by the artists here being not so much a reinscription of the written as its ek-scription—an opening towards the future and its community of readers-to-come.

The Artist, the Book and the CrowdThe Artist, the Book and the CrowdThe Artist, the Book and the CrowdThe Artist, the Book and the CrowdThe Artist, the Book and the Crowd