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Just So Futures

2016 –

Just So Futures is an ongoing accumulation of objects-interventions that investigates the history of foresight as an institutional practice for grappling with the uncertainty of the future. Tracking the development of this body of knowledge and techniques both globally and within the Singapore public sector, the project considers this history against a political backdrop where the intellectual energies of the waning countercultural movements were being rechannelled into globalising and neoliberalising ventures. Together, the materials gathered variously project forms of millennial optimism or anxiety—the former exemplified by Peter Schwartz and Peter Leyden’s seminal essay “The Long Boom”, the latter by two national scenarios created by the Scenario Planning Office in Singapore describing the city-state in states of crisis.

35mm slides on slide projector

21st Century Special
Digital print of modified newspaper article on paper with aluminium mount

The Long Boom
Digital print of reproduced essay on paper